The Revival Center Church convenes annually to reflect on its prior year ministry initiatives as well as prayerfully revisit its mission. In December 2009, the church felt impressed that God was calling the ministry to concentrate its focus more on local and foreign missions. As a result, the church mission statement was revisited and modified to read: The mission of Revival Center Church is to develop and inspire Spirit-led believers to win the world for Christ.

One of the mission strategies included sending a local church missionary to Haiti in support of a church building initiative financially supported by Revival Center and a sister church in Pine Bluff, 1st Trinity COGIC. Only God knew two weeks prior to the missionariesí departure Haiti would suffer such a devastating catastrophe. The earthquake and numerous aftershocks have shaken the very foundation of a nation that is already considered the poorest nation of the western hemisphere.

Nevertheless, despite what seemed like a very dark situation, Pastor Michael Jones expressed gratefulness in what he considered the opportunity to shine the light of Christ. Mr. Arthaniel Bailey was able to witness firsthand the resolve of the peopleís faith as they met periodically to worship and praise God in churches severely damaged by the earthquakes. What is not being reported by the national media is the fact that Haiti is yet undergoing numerous aftershocks some with the magnitude of 4.0.

The Haitian peopleís great determination has been stellar in this unprecedented time but they are yet in need of tremendous support financially as well as spiritually. Many people have donated in some form or another. If you would like to support the Haiti effort, you can do so by texting the word Haiti to 90999. Revival Center plans to continue sending financial as well as missionary support to the Haiti relief efforts in months to come. For more information about Revival Centerís current and future mission activities, you may contact the church office at 367-8257.

Photos can be seen in the RCA link.