Revival Center would like to congratulate


    Camp BeNae is a free 8-week Summer Camp designed to enrich the lives of Drew County youth through activities centered on: (1) Building self esteem, (2) Financial literacy, and (3) Team building recreational activities.

    The Camp also provides free breakfast and lunch to all participants and is open to young people from the age of 5 - 18.

    Building Self Esteem:

    • Personal and Social Skills

      1. Communicating Effectively

      2. Making Informed Decisions

      3. Setting Personal Goals

      4. Managing Stress

    • Bible Basics/Daily Devotions

      1. Beatitudes

      2. Lordís Prayer

      3. Psalms 23

      4. Daily Devotions

    • Etiquette, Manners & Respect

    Financial Literacy

    • Living within your means

    • Checks, Banking and Cash Flow

    • Interest, Credit and Loans

    CAMP BeNae is operated solely on the basis of volunteerism, contributions and donations from the general public.